How to do Bent Knee Hip Raise – Home Workout

Lie flat on your back on your mat with your hands under your hips, palms down for support. Lift your head up slightly off the floor and lift your legs off the floor while you bend them at your knees, pulling your thighs up towards your chest slowly. With your knees approaching your chest, contract your abs and slightly lift your pelvis off the floor. Slowly straighten your legs and bring them back down toward the floor, but don’t let them rest on the floor. Hold your legs in the extended position for a count of one, then bring them back up.

When we think about core workouts, most of us fixate on the front of our abs. You know, those muscles that create that six-pack. But the abs include a handful of different muscle groups, and it's important to train all of them—whether you're simply trying to get stronger and protect your body from injury, or trying to get more visible muscle definition.

The entire core helps us stay balanced and perform a ton of exercises without falling over or straining our backs, but the obliques in particular have an important role. They're the muscles that run along the sides of the waist, from the ribs to the hip bones. We use them every time we twist our torsos, or bend down to one side or the other. "The obliques help stabilize us and keep our torso protected," Danielle Burrell, a NASM-certified personal trainer and founding trainer at Rumble Boxing, tells SELF.

Specifically, there's less of a chance your lower back is going to become strained if you have strong obliques that can help support your body through any twisting or turning movement. "It is so important to train and build strong obliques muscles to help us perform better in exercise, sports, and everyday functional movements," Burrell says.

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December 25, 2018


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